The Aftermath!

| June 14, 2013 | 11 Comments

So last week some of you will remember there was going to be a mass cull of conifers on the banks. I am pleased to say it’s been done but the aftermath is still there *cough cough* I am hoping Him Outdoors with deal with that soon!!

Aftermath 1

You may be wondering why there is still a leylandii hedge still there? Well, for now we have to do things bit by bit since time is never in abundance in our house and it does give a degree of privacy since there is a public foot path that runs along the back. It’s never a huge issue as it’s mainly dog walkers going up into the fields but there’s still a bit of that London mistrust lingering in my bones after living up there for 17 years. We have now just passed our first year living down here!

Aftermath part 2

There are grand plans for this area over the next few weeks! And we did get rid of part of the hedge here. Look how wide it is. I was a bit concerned that there might be nests in there but we did check before cutting and it’s clear. As my mum pointed out there are so many trees surrounding us with much better nesting spots in.

The Hedge

 We have found concrete posts and wire running through! Can’t wait to get rid of it all eventually. I am thinking probably over the Autumn.

So  onto the banks! I found this lovely white Dicentra poking through some other plants which is a pleasant surprise. I had this in my other garden as it’s a favourite and I have a feeling this might have hitched a lift with something else that I had brought with me and replanted (yes I did dig up my favourite plants before moving!

Dicentra Alba

And this lovely Geum, another favourite. The flowers are so bright and happy and the foliage forms like a clump and is low in the ground whereas the flowers have long stems that shoot up towards the sky. A good ground cover plant.


 So onto the banks we have the left side, now devoid of conifers aside from at the very top where it again provides a degree of privacy. Again, in time these will be replaced by something else (still thinking on about that one!).


 And the right. I think the generally the planting on this side is much better thought out than the left.all we need now are for the rest of the flowers to come into bloom and I also have some to put in that have been grown from seed this year.

The Right

In other news , we found a toad on the top level the other night!


 What’s through the gate?

the gate

Linking up with Annie over at Mammasaurus. Click the linky below to visit other gardens.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


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  1. Mrs Fox says:

    Wow, you really did go for it by the look of those first pictures and I love that white Dicentra. I’ve never seen a white one, I have one of the pink and white in my garden but I love yours.
    Mrs Fox recently posted…How does your garden grow?My Profile

  2. luke says:

    Amazing creatures. Living in the land of Bufo Marinus, they bring a certain amount of horror to me. They’ve taken over Queensland.

  3. Claudia says:

    oh wow, you got your work cut out for you. i would have totally dug up my faves before moving as well.
    Claudia recently posted…around hereMy Profile

  4. Oh I love your garden, I love that it’s full of little hidden spots and you are uncovering exciting things as you go along. I’ve never actually seen a toad in the wild, frogs yes, but never a toad. The only toads I’ve ever seen have been at aquariums and zoos. I can’t wait to follow your progress and see what’s next :)
    Nichola Fabfortymum recently posted…Meep Meep – It’s ThursdayMy Profile

  5. Charly Dove says:

    Wow you have done so much!!! You must be so chuffed. And that toad looks mahoosive :)
    Charly Dove recently posted…How does your garden grow?My Profile

  6. Mammasaurus says:

    Blimey what a change – and a lot of work! I bet you felt glad when they were cut down.

    I’ve not seen a toad before in a garden either, just frogs. Your garden is great – perfect for exploring, the sort of place I imagine you find all sorts of little gems, that Dicentra for example – how lovely !

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you are planning for that area in the next few weeks – give us a clue!

    Thanks for joining in again x
    Mammasaurus recently posted…Saturuday is sleepy caption day!My Profile

  7. I do love the heart shaped flower, I must get some for my garden next year. If you DH is like my DH the Leylandai will lay there for a while yet! I usually end up with the chainsaw! Love the toad, we get the odd frog here but that is a great toad!

  8. Eileen Teo says:

    Your white dicentra look so gorgeous. I will need to get rid of plants and plant this instead!

  9. Mary says:

    Wow that’s made quite a difference hasn’t it? Love the plants that you’ve found hidden away.
    Mary recently posted…Early MorningsMy Profile

  10. love your garden, but can live without the toad – creepy (is that just me?)
    helloitsgemma recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

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