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I spent two whole days in bed last week. Two whole days. I have been full of bugs for nearly two weeks now but am slowly on the mend. Thankfully my lovely mum in law came to the rescue and stayed to look after J for those two precious days so I could get some rest to try and get well. The rest was much needed. It was really quite odd being in bed so long. I did sleep rather alot. I realised after a few hours that staying in bed so long is not kind to my back.  I also noticed that both cats stayed on the bed sleeping with me rather than getting up. They stayed there til I moved, which meant they stayed there for hours. See?


I also took the opportunity to watch some tv that wasn’t too taxing. I watched via Netflix the series called Lost In Austen. It was originally aired in 2008 on itv and I am pretty sure I saw at least some of it back then. If you haven’t seen it and love Austen, then I recommend it. It’s funny and different and made me feel reasonably cheery!

I also watched three whole episodes about OCD cleaners and hoarders. Really I did. Yup. It’s on  Channel 4 on Wednesday nights. I am out at my BSL classes on Wednesdays so didn’t know it was on. Has anyone watched this programme? I am astonished by the woman that uses at least 2 bottles of bleach in her house every day. Her eyes don’t sting or anything. I hate bleach. Cannot stand the smell of it at all. There is something quite satisfying though about watching these transformations in people’s homes (really, I cannot be the only one that likes these kinds of programmes?). It did make me think about my own home. I never have much time for cleaning. My house isn’t really dirty or anything but there is definite room for improvement. I then thought about the fact we are coming in to Spring and traditionally this is the time of year to do deep cleaning. Do you ever do it? Again, there is the major issue of lack of time but we are definitely in need of major decluttering. Did I mention J is supposed to have as clutter free an environment as possible? That little nugget of information is going to have a profound effect on our house over the course of the next few months…

I have also been dealing with the starting process of J’s statement. Many many professionals have now written reports that have been submitted to the panel. I counted 14 I think. That’s a lot of people. That’s a whole lot of information for me to process as J’s mum too. All the things he needs and all the help he gets. There is that feeling of pressure for me, trying to make sure that every day he gets all the additional needs met. His sensory issues are pretty big and I have learnt so much in the last few months about how those needs, need to be met in order to give him maximum learning opportunities. He has so many things going on he has to deal with before he can even concentrate on other things. It’s really quite mind blowing. His vestibular system is all rather wobbly. This video explains things really well about children with sensory processing disorder.

Also this week, Him Outdoors and me celebrated 12 years of being in each others lives. 12 years. Awesome really! Unfortunately I was again feeling not well enough to do a whole day of doing something nice and out of the ordinary as we would usually. We did get down the beach for an hour or so of vitamin D sunshine therapy. J has also been full of snot during the last couple of weeks and was in need of fresh air. It was Tuesday. The warmest day of the year. I thought that was pretty cool. I didn’t step outside the backdoor til 1pm and didn’t realise it was so warm!

The last couple of weeks has been full of cancellations. Cancelling home visits, nursery sessions, BSL classes and driving lessons. It has been most frustrating. I am hoping to be well enough to resume all the activities we normally do next week.

On a brighter note we have taken a big plunge and got tickets for the Beautiful Days festival in August at Escot down the road. We’re going to attempt camping in the disabled area. This is major for us. We will be dealing with J’s overnight pump feeds there and I will also need to be able to blend his food down. The organisers have said they can supply and electric point for us, so that along with talking to other parents of children with special needs has made my mind up to take a leap of faith.  I have not camped since I was 14 years old and that was a really long time ago. We didn’t have a holiday last year and I doubt very much we will be able to have one this year either, so this will be our treat. Please don’t rain on us. There is also the ahem minor detail of the fact we have no tent or camping equipment……


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  1. sonyacisco says:

    Beautiful days is a lovely festival, I think you will enjoy yourselves, not been for a few years, but was very family friendly last time I went.
    Glad you are on the mend a it, so rotten being poorly. Xx
    sonyacisco recently posted…Saturday is Caption Day with Dr DinolittleMy Profile

  2. So glad you are starting to feel better. The flu has been making the rounds in our house too, but thankfully we’re out the other side now.

    I thought my life was busy, but it seems like you never stop! Those two days in bed must have felt like pure luxury :) To keep going in the way that you do is admirable and I’m sure that shows, by how much of a lovely boy you have in J.
    Fives A Fellowship recently posted…The Lord of The Rings | Appreciating A LegendMy Profile

  3. I’ve been rough recently too, it’s awful isn’t it? You very much have my sympathies :( Will go and have a look at that festival now, good to hear that there are places set up to be able to help and not just take your money!
    Crafts on Sea recently posted…Hotel Chocolat Easter GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Kenny Huser says:

    These are basic simple things to think about. Your camping equipment needs will vary depending on where you will be camping. Camping on the beach has different needs then camping in the mountains. You should always start your foray into camping small. Take a day trip somewhere close to your home. Check out the surroundings and the camp sites. Get an understanding of what the equipment needs will be.`

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